Wadia S7i direct to amp

Looking at simplifying my system, wondering if anyone has heard the new Wadia S7i direct into an amp, and if so, how did the pre section fare? My experience w/ an 860x years ago was that the pre wasn't good enough for me to get rid of my pre at the time (a Cary SLP98).
Paperw8: If you look at power as a function of voltage and perform the power measurement AS A RATIO OF THE CORRESPONDING VOLTAGE LEVELS, then each halving of voltage level corresponds to a 6dB reduction in power level
Yes, absolutely. But note that each halving of voltage ALSO corresponds to a 6dB reduction in voltage level.
the voltage level is halved at each 3dB increment
I haven't taken the time to follow the parts of the thread that may be behind that statement, but an increment that results in voltage being halved is not in fact a 3db increment, regardless of the wording that may be used to refer to it. It is a 6db increment.

db = 20log(V1/V2) = 10log(P1/P2)

20log(0.5) = -6.02

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A 3db reduction in power corresponds to a 3db reduction in voltage, for a given impedance. A 6db reduction in power corresponds to a 6db reduction in voltage, for a given impedance.
Almarg, you are correct. Guys, I stand corrected on this.

P1 = V1^2/R1 & P2 = V2^2/R2
P2 = 0.5*P1 & R1 = R2 = R because we are looking at the power reduction at the same location hence impedance at that point remains unchanged.
So, if we take the ratios: P2/P1 = 0.5 = (V2^2/R)/(V2^2/R)
or V2^2/V1^2 = 0.5
or V2/V1 = sqrt(0.5) = 0.707

I should have done this calc before I wrote my post - my bad. ;-O
Yeah, so if we want half the amplitude, we will find it at 6dB lower power where we'll have 6dB reduction in ampl as well. So, my earlier post on 12/04/10 is correct where I showed the digital volume versus full-scale amplitude - you will get 1/2 the voltage amplitude at setting 88 & at setting 65, you will get approx 1/8 full-scale meaning that you will lose 3 bits. If you start from 21-bits, you'll be down to 18-bits at digital volume setting 65. You will lose 6 bits at digital volume setting 28.

Dennis_the_menace, I apologize for hijacking your thread. If it is any solace to you, I think, that you already got your answer to your question (which is depends on the quality of your preamp & on your personal preferences -> cannot remember right now which members wrote these 2 apt replies).
Well when I said the preamp adds something I did not mean colouring. Without preamp the Wadia sounds great but with the preamp I can set the Wadia to maximum output and maximum volume on the dipswitches. The music then gets more dynamical and open with the preamp. Also the bass is tighter. So in my system it sounds better with the preamp and the Wadia set to maximum output. Also the noise is less then.

I also tried the level adjustment at my Wadia.
I use a JRDG C-500 and 381. If i lower the level, i can clearly hear that the sounds becomes less dynamic and full/punchy.
It's heard directly (- no question!), if i lower the level from 100 to 97.
Even so, the further i lower level, the more the effect.
If i would use my Wadia in a system with a power amp, i would use a stand alone pre amp also.

This was not the case with my old Krell KPS 25sc. OIfcourse, that unit had an inbuilt KRC-HR pre amp and were not at all designed like the Wadia.
I also used a Teac (Esoteric) P-70 and D-70 years ago. This combo, did also sound better with a pre amp.

I would not see a pre amp as a unit which obviously colour the sound or in anyway makes it worse.
I enjoy the s7i direct to berning zh230 driving stella Opus/novus speaker System, dont miss a thing!