Walker sst treatment

Hi all does anyone have a little they wouldn't mind selling? I really do not need much so I don't want to buy a whole bottle. I only have 1 set of interconnects and speaker cables I want to treat.  Thanks.  
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Over the years the sst actually goes bad.  It's made with vegetable oil that turns rancid. I spent hours removing the stuff and my system sounded so much better. 
i seem to agree with sksos1. I used to use 'Xtreme Cables' Quick Silver contact enhancer.

1stly it took some 2 weeks for the system to settle down. There was a brittleness/harshness when 1st applied. And, the manuf told me this so no surprise but 2 weeks was a lot of time to wait each time.
And, I found too that over time it became hard & white & would flake off. Then, I'd have to reapply & re-wait 2 weeks...
The improvement was inconsistent - many times I swore that it made things sound better; at other times, i wasn't so sure. My brother, who has pretty good hearing, didn't think it made a positive difference.
One day I went back into the closet to fetch it to reapply & it had solidified. I put 1 drop of corn oil as recommended. It became less solid but it needed more than 1 drop of corn oil for me to work with it with some confidence that it would not go where i didn't want it to (it's extremely conductive & can short out a connection very rapidly. beware!). So, I agree - that corn oil goes rancid over time. In the end i've stopped using it & I don't think i'm at a sonic loss..... FWIW. YMMV