wall mounts?

I just purchased a 50" plasma for the bedroom. I'd like to mount on the wall, but due to windows it won't be centered to viewing position, so I'll need one with that can be swiveled with an articulating arm(s). Any suggestions on the best value products for such a mount? As always thanks in advance.
I'm using a slim profile mount from Monoprice.com for my 55" LED. Their mounts are significantly cheaper than any of the other mounts I looked at.
I have a 50" Plasma that is wall mounted using the articulated Sanus SANVMSAB, I paid $80 which I thought was fair for the features.

As a 'tweaker' - its nice to have the articulation so I can move the display away from the wall and change out cabling. ;-)
You might want to take a look at Sanus Systems XF228. It is not cheap. A mount that can swivel must be really well built. You don't want your TV to fall off the wall after awhile, don't you?
The Omni mounts are awesome. I have one like you need on the plasma in my bedroom. They aren't cheap, but, I've never seen one that was made better.
Monoprice is the way to go. I use one of their articulating units and it works well. Great for tight spaces and cable management. So, only buy an articulating unit. It can be used anywhere. Oh, almost forgot, make sure you have three pairs of hands when doing the installation.