Wall Outlet Oyaide, Furutek, Wattgate, and others


Any recommendation which the Better Wall Outlet : Bicchino , Furutek , Oyaide , Wattgate or Others?
i used the power. Cord : Elrod Statement Gold, Diamand for the Amp,
And Purist 25 Anniversary for the rest equipment.j
The Oyaide R-1 Recepticle is pure Beryllium copper base cryo treated just like the furetech recepticle, I believe it is best to go to vh Audio web-site and look at the differences for your self, I believe the oyaide R-1 is superior, As far as I know, The Best recepticle on the market, However, Between these two recepticles, I do not believe you can go wrong with either of them, The Oyaide R-1 is my choice.
I don't know what the best is, but I like Furutech products. I'm very happy with mine.
I also use mix of Furutech and Oyaide but now I also have the HB Cable design and I am thinking of ordering them for all my power needs....
I have the Porter port, which is very good, and the Oyaide R-1 in my main system, which had, upon installation, a slight edge in improvement over the Porter port.. I've also used the Wattgate in my Tice Solos and they were an improvement.