Wall outlets

Hey everyone, don’t kill me I know it’s been talked about a bit. I’m am currently about to upgrade my wall outlet. Commercial vs Audio outlets. The general consensus is commercial hospital outlets would work but they can strip the coating off our nice power cables. I have talked a bit with @audphile1 on this matter. Furutech has my attention. I have considered upgrading my power cable to the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable and get a Furutech outlet with the same finish. A friend of mine is an electrician and has offered to install a new outlet behind my rack. He said I could pay with a case of beer. Haha. Sorry if I started a new 🔥🔥🔥. The forum is fun, there is far more knowledge here than we are going to find anywhere else IMO. Also I finally got my virtual system up for anyone to take a look. Thanks everyone

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"did you mean to ask me how I set up a sub ? I don’t currently have one…"

I thought I saw one in the diagram above.


I guess I was mistaken



I agree with mc1969. The placebo affect can be an amazing thing, especially when there is money involved and other like minded people.

Just installed Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlet and I run a complete loom of Furutech 4.1 power cables to include the 20A wall to Puritan conditioner.  Hefty price tag, but well worth it in my system, which is the only one that really counts.

Just moved my Oyaide SWO XXX B/P to my wife's system and that system received a nice upgrade.

I do not run dedicated lines, but that may be in future.