Walmart, 97 cents, for Vibration Control

Simply place on components, or wrap around cables and plugs.  As with footers, location counts.  The more resolving systems will benefit.  The "Fuzzy Sticks" resemble pipe cleaners, but they are lighter, thinner and less rigid.  This means they can be folded, bent in spirals, and cut with a scissors. 

Prepare to be astonished.  What music lover doesn't have micro-vibrations they would prefer to eliminate?



Lol! I bet if you actually make the penguin (in the picture gallery) and place it on your amp, you’ll arrive at the optimal benefit to resolve those spurious micro vibes 👍🏼 

Wow. I can’t believe I have been neglecting this! I should be cryo-ing my hockey pucks!

:) yah, simple solutions could be just genius… At some point I successfully used washing machine anti vibration pads with my 78lb monoblocks.

Why not, if it works. I’m quite happy with the thick glass cable elevators/lifters I got at IKEA for 47 cents each/$25 total. My Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable sits on a 2" thick wooden butchers block at $45, which sits on NobSound isolation springs at $40 for a set of 4. Plus my Monitor Audio Platinum PL300ii sit on 2" thick slate slabs at $30 each, which sits on good ole Canadian rubber or more commonly known as hockey pucks at 86 cents each/$16 total. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.....