Waltz for Debby-Bill Evans Trio

Seems like lately I am slidding this CD in late at night more and more. It has become one of my favorites. You can close your eyes and almost smell the smoke of a jazz club from the 50s and 60s. The waiters clanking glasses in the background is a nice touch to the mood. The music is great. I know this is a revered classic but I was wondering if there were any other recordings of similar ilk, smooth laid back jazz, that anyone might recommend. Are you out there sdcampbell?
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I assume you are familar with Evan's other recordings made at the Village Vanguard about the same time. If you like late night, laid back, jazz by a sax based trio it's hard to beat Houston Person's most recent recordings on Blue Note, a studio recording. You might also check out Andre Previns recordings with Telarc which were recorded live. No tinkling glasses, but great dinner jazz.
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No, I have not heard the Evans' recordings you refer to but I will check them out as well as your other suggestions. I'm not necessarily looking for "live" really, just that type sound.
Hoopster, I forgot to mention that if you can take a little jazz vocal with the music, an absolute must have, are the recordings of Shirly Horn most of which are live in concert. Try "I thought about you", live at Vine St. Warning, once you hear Horn you'll never listen to Krall in the same way again. :-)
"Debby" is one of my favorite jazz albums of all time. All the trio albums of his from the 60s are good, but most agree that the ones w/Scott LaFaro & Paul Motian are the best.

You've got to get Cannonball Adderley w/Bill Evans "Know What I Mean".
Miles Davis - Any quintet albums from the 50s especially(e.g. Kind of Blue, Steamin', Relaxin', Bags Groove)
Sonny Rollins - Way out West, Tenor Madness
John Coltrane - Ballads
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out

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