Want More Bass

Got a new Rogue Audio tube amp and preamp. (88 and 66 magnum). Used to have a solid-state integrated that seemed to have more bass output. Now, with my speakers (and these components), I long for deeper bass. (My current speaker's bass response is rated at 50hz.) My previous experience with a tube integrated also seemed light in the bass at lower volumes. I listen more at lower volumes than at higher volumes.

So... what are my options:

1. find a new speaker that goes deeper? if so, what is recommended? Budget $3000 max. Needs to be a slim tower design due to room constraints. (Room is 11x17 and speakers are on the 17' wall. Music preference is mostly indie rock, small group jazz and electronica.)

2. add a sub? the preamp has two outs, so I could use interconnects from the preamp. if so, what is recommended. Budget for a sub would be sub $1500.

3. Other suggestions?

Thanks all for your help.
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Speaker Suggestions --

Based on deals I've seen on Audiogon --

1) Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home -- $2,400

2) Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60 + Center -- 3,200

3) Silverline Sonata -- $3,195

4) Revel F-30 -- $2,495

5) B & W Nautilus 804 -- $2,850

For reviews of these speakers, go to WWW.Ecoustics. Com
and load the names into the search engine.

You can also read customer reviews at WWW.Audioreview.com
by going there and doing the same thing.

I've heard all of these speakers, they all have slightly
different sounds, but are all enjoyable, all offer big
"bang for the buck" -- especially at those prices, and
are all full range speakers offering bass down into the
mid twenties.

Happy hunting.

Recommended Sub --

If you can push your budget a little, I recommend getting
a used Revel B-15.

Also, on B & W Speakers. If you like the sound of B & W's,
I would recommend pushing your budget a little and moving
up to the Nautilus 803's. It is a small jump in money,
but a big jump in quality and you get tighter and more detailed bass. However, I still recommend listening to the other speakers on that list. When I auditioned Sonus
Sabers against B & W head to head, I favored the Grand
Piano over B & W until I got to the B & W 803, which costs
a lot more money. Hope that helps.
without knowledge of your speakers...the most cost effective way to add bass is a sub...and since you will be sitting in the sin wave of the sub...its pretty much a no brainer....I could recommend some floorstanders...but chances are u will still want a sub any way...there is HSU,ADIRE(rave),Sunfire,Rel,etc...