Want More Bass

Got a new Rogue Audio tube amp and preamp. (88 and 66 magnum). Used to have a solid-state integrated that seemed to have more bass output. Now, with my speakers (and these components), I long for deeper bass. (My current speaker's bass response is rated at 50hz.) My previous experience with a tube integrated also seemed light in the bass at lower volumes. I listen more at lower volumes than at higher volumes.

So... what are my options:

1. find a new speaker that goes deeper? if so, what is recommended? Budget $3000 max. Needs to be a slim tower design due to room constraints. (Room is 11x17 and speakers are on the 17' wall. Music preference is mostly indie rock, small group jazz and electronica.)

2. add a sub? the preamp has two outs, so I could use interconnects from the preamp. if so, what is recommended. Budget for a sub would be sub $1500.

3. Other suggestions?

Thanks all for your help.
without knowledge of your speakers...the most cost effective way to add bass is a sub...and since you will be sitting in the sin wave of the sub...its pretty much a no brainer....I could recommend some floorstanders...but chances are u will still want a sub any way...there is HSU,ADIRE(rave),Sunfire,Rel,etc...
also...for bass heavy music...I prefer solid state...a sub will also add depth to your monitors...the adire model is actually the "rava" or "rava se"...good luck
If you are going to try to add bass by adding a Sub-woof,
I highly recommend that you give that sub-woof a thorough,
in-home, demo. It is my experience that it is really hard
to find a sub-woof for less than 2,000 that will give you
musical low-end sound and it is extremely hard to get the
crossover and phase to match your speakers at all volumes.
It is my opinion that you will be much more satisfied by
a full range speaker that will leave all but the extreme
low end and home theatre sound effects to your main speakers with crossovers that have been designed, matched
and tuned by an expert.

Having said that -- this is why I recommend the Revel
B-15 Sub-woofer. It offers a nice mechanism for setting
the crossover, etc. and it is one of the few I've heard
that can offer accurate detail and musical low end.

Just my suggestions.
This is the beginning of tons of recommendations for subs. Certainly, a good course for you to take. I use the Sunfire Architectural 10" front firing subwoofer. Fast, powerful, deep extention AND small. Most people think of HT when they think of Sunfire, but this baby, as well as the Architectural Signature is designed, specifically for 2 channel listening. I love mine. Can be found, new, for, just, under $1k (the Architectural). peace, warren
My brother uses the Rogue 88 to drive N.E.A.R. 50Me II's in a room about the same size as yours. This combination outputs all the bass most people find desireable. The N.E.A.R.'s are also a slim tower design. Based on the good match with the Rogue amp, along with excellent bass performance, I think the N.E.A.R.'s should be considered. You should be able to find a pair in the $1,200 to $1,500 range used. In a former system I used Linn Kan II's with a REL Stadium II sub. I then went to the N.E.A.R.'s without the sub and was very pleased with the results, especially after some minor tweaking.