Want Multi-Disc CD Player Recommendations

I'm looking for a carousel CD changer (I very firmly want that and not a single-disc player) and wanted some recommendations.  I'm looking for something very low budget, but still with good basic audiophile sound quality.

I just HAD a Sony that was modified by Tube Research Labs and sounded great, but when I took it in to get repaired they said it had been modified so dramatically that everything was sealed off and they couldn't even get to the right parts to fix it, so it's a goner - it served me well for a long time. 

Looking for something somehow approaching that level of sound quality, but again VERY low budget.  Any recommendations?  I have my eye on a like-new Rotel RCC-1055, but will I be disappointed in that? Thanks!


The only one made now is the Integra. You can buy it at Crutchfield.

That Rotel is probably 10 years old. Kinda risky buying a used CDP, especially, one that old.

That's the ONLY company making them?  I was probably thinking I was going to have to go used anyway.  Any opinion on Integra?


Rotel has been known to make good sounding CD players. As to their reliability- ?.

Had a single disk player develop problems, after seven years. Had it repaired, and it developed the same problem a few years later.

A few Integra owners have had positive things to say, on this forum, in the last year

 I was probably thinking I was going to have to go used anyway.

There was a frequent member here, years ago, who could afford higher end components. She frequented the resale shops and bought her changers from them. I think she would buy higher end Sonys (which were well built), and they served her well, playing continuously, everyday.


I have an Integra 3.4 and enjoy it very much...sounds good on it's own, but I run it through an outboard DAC and it sounds very good...I've had the Onkyo version too for 20 years, not much use but still works great...

Amazon shows an Onkyo, Integra, and a Sony changer. They all might have a different flavor but even cheap CD players can sound very good. 

+1 the integra cdc 3.4--i've owned lots of multidisc changers (rotel, sony, yam, arcam, denon) and the integra has been the most reliable--nice quiet mechanism and pretty good sounding

I went thru around 9 players before getting and loving the sound of the Onkyo Integra 3.4 six disc carousel.

New: fresh laser, they get weak, if buy used, confirm low hours.

It does NOT play SACDs, so, main system I got a used Sony xa5400 ES with low hours, single player, kinda slow, but sounds terrific.

Happily using Onkyo in another system.

these may bore you to death, but there is a lot of shared wisdom there



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