Want to add vinyl to my system.

Hello all, 

I have an all digital system with a Lumin x1 streamer, Oppo 203, B&W speakers, Classe Sigma SSP, and Mac 611’s.  I want to now add vinyl into my system abd need a new turntable and phono stage.  I have been considering the Rega 8 or 10.  What do you think of the Rega’s, and which phono stage would you recommend?


Great for you to be taking the plunge into vinyl 👍

Lot’s of great recommendations and yes, a fully optioned out Rega 8 or 10 would be a game over solution if you keep it in the Rega ecosystem with premium cartridge & phono pre.

FWIW though, I’m amazed at what $2k worth of cartridge and phono preamp can deliver these days in the form of an Audio Technica AT33PTG/II into a Sutherland TZ Vibe when optimized with a suitable adjustable turntable/tonearm system. Just refrain from using any cheap coaxial hookup cable/wire that’s inductive - current delivery is the ticket here.

Examples of adjustable turntables could be Pro-Ject or Technics including a 1200G with a replacement tungsten polymer record mat 🎶

Game on instead game over 😉

Rabbit hole indeed. Love my over 2k vinyl collection and my vinyl system, however I would not go down that road if I was starting from scratch, specifically since discovering the marvelous world of streaming. Save your money and improve your streaming is my recommendation. Vinyl requires extreme

dedication, nothing like the digital you are used too. An average cost analog rig will never equal a digital one of half that cost. Food for thought.

Either Rega would be a great choice

Get a great mc cart  Lyra Delos Koetsu ect

Get a current /trans impedence phono stage

and never have to worry about cart loading. 

Like a Little Loco  and you got yourself a killer 




If you don’t own any records yet, I’d say the Rega 6-8 are great to start with, you may or may not find you want to get into records, and this level would be a good place to start, or end, without too much invested. 
If you have a large collection and want to get back into it, you’d have to go a bit higher in my view, the 10 or an even higher brand of table. I say it because I own a Rega 6 and a record collection going back years. So I agree with @baylinor 

@baylinor ​​​​@rsf507 have very valid points. Do you like doing your laundry? Vinyl can be just as bad if not worse. You have to get up every 20 minutes to flip the record or pick out a new one. You have to keep them clean. You get pissed when you get a warped one or worse, a noisy one. They take up a huge amount of space and weigh an awful lot. To improve on digital performance you have to spend at least $35,000. 

I play records because I've played them for 65 years and have untold thousands of them. It is a tradition that is glued to my neurons. I can not not play them and I am always amazed at how good they can sound. They are just as capable of sounding lousy, bad pressings being the usual culprit. Most younger people who have no records are better off sticking with digital and spending the money on music and concerts. 

My overriding point is you really have to WANT to do this because you love the medium. You REALLY have to love it to put up with it. If it is just to be hip and have a cool device you are wasting your money. 

The RP 10 is a great choice. Get a Lyra Delos and a Parasound JC3+ and you will have a fine record playing device. Stay away from VPI and Linn. IMHO both make junk. The Thorens TD 1600 is a fine turntable for the money. Up in the price range are Sota, SME, Kuzma, Basis and Dohmann. Cartridges from Lyra, Ortofon and My Sonic Lab are all first class with the RP10 tonearm.