Want to add vinyl to my system.

Hello all, 

I have an all digital system with a Lumin x1 streamer, Oppo 203, B&W speakers, Classe Sigma SSP, and Mac 611’s.  I want to now add vinyl into my system abd need a new turntable and phono stage.  I have been considering the Rega 8 or 10.  What do you think of the Rega’s, and which phono stage would you recommend?


How many albums do you currently own? 

This is a very good question.

The best turntable/arm/cartridge/phono stage is the one having many Lp's. 

 If you just want to add a turntable for the fun of it do not spend that much, there is no apparent reason, decide which source would be more important to you. If you decide that vinyl is your choice, then prepare for it. Otherwise improve your digital one. 

Thank you for all the responses, you all have given me things to consider.  As many of you have asked, is it wiser to spend my money to continue improving my digital system, or venture into vinyl. I guess I want the best of both worlds. I have several hundred albums from the 70-80’s, but I would also want to start purchasing many of the classic remastered vinyl albums out there. So do I simply dip my toe and start with a more modest vinyl set up? I have a feeling if I do that, I will find a modest vinyl up will be inferior to my digital system, and will lose interest. If however, I go in with higher end vinyl equipment, I may even get more enthused. I have to think both style of systems always need improvements (better cables etc).

I was just about to pull the trigger for a Rega P6 with an Ortofon 2MM Black a few years ago but then opted for a MoFi Ultradeck+M at the last minute, instead.  Don't regret it for a second!  Many of the reviewers I read prior to making this move said it was the best you could get for under 5K at the time. Actually they said you could get diffferent sound from several TT in its price point, at the time, but not better, just different. I haven't heard as many TT as they have, of course, but I think they are right. That Mastertracker rivals a lot of moving coil carts. Unfortunately, the Mofi has gone up in price since its introduction, probably because of all of the awards & recommendations it's gotten. Rega is a proponent of low mass design. If you go with a Rega, make extra certain you have something absolutely rock steady to put it on. Actually, that's good advice for any TT. Also, consider all the other stuff you'll need to "do it right", so to speak (e.g.  good record brush or air blower type thing, if you're into that; stylus cleaner; record cleaner; etc.). Yes, vinyl does require more dedication & work than digital but the pay-off, if you're willing to devote yourself to it, is in the fidelity. Enjoy!