Want to try vinyl - What equipment do I need?

I'm thinking of giving vinyl a try, and I need to know what all I'll need to buy so I can plan accordingly. Last time I did records was back in the 70s, using a Dual 1218, Bose 501s, and a Sansui receiver. Obviously, I want higher quality now. However, I’m not sure what all equipment I need, so I’m looking for some assistance.

I have a Denon AVR-3300 & Monitor Audio Silver speakers which I've used to play CDs through. Besides a TT, what else do I need to get?

TTs I'm mainly considering are Pro-Ject Xpression III, Music Hall MMH5.1, and Rega RP3, allowing about $800-900 for TT & Cartridge, new or used depending on the best deal. TIA.
TT, cartridge, phono preamplifier.
The phono preamp can be bought for $25 or for $2,500 (and more of course). You would plug the TT into the input of phono preamp, then the output of the phono preamp into your Denon.

And don't forget about the tools and jigs to set it up. Protractors can be downloaded for free, magnifying glass, a good light, and a small screwdriver. But like al things in this hobby you can get as deep as you want.

I remember the Denon AVR-3300 has a built-in phono input. If you use regular MM cart, you don't need to purchase a separate phono amp. But if you want to try low output MC cart, you will need to get a step-up transformer or a separate MC phono amp.
Looking at the owner's manual of the Denon AVR-3300, it has a built-in MM phono stage. So all you will need is a turntable and a MM cartridge. You can sure use a MC cart, but you would need a SUT.
I have a Pro-ject Xpression III with the Pro-ject Speed Box a nice Ortofon cartridge and for sale up here but I only ship to the US. Sorry...