Wanted: NHT X2 electronic crossover.

I am looking for a NHT X2 crossover to buy. If there is anybody out there that has one and might be interested in selling it. I am willing to buy it if the price is right.
I think it will do what you want. But like Edorr says it is really for a 2 channel and Multi channel system. The subs i have the JL Audio f113's have only one input so to intergrate them with both my theater system as well as my 2 channel I needed an additional LFE input. If you email me I will send you a PDF of the manual for the NHT X2.
Other crossovers without an LFE input may be easier to locate.
I do want the LFE inputs because the denon i have does have a single LFE pre out and i want to use the X2 to run the two ten inch woofers on my nht classic four towers for my home theater set up because i have a seperate 2 channel set up for strictly music so i really dont need it for music. does that make sense? this is my email address wvalles@hotmail.com
Wolfvalles- I have an X2 and will give you a good price on it. It used to be part of an NHT T5 evolution setup I used to have. Email me.
Hevac, glad to hear you scored a NHT. I was thinking about you when I reconfigured my system, but decided to keep my unit in storage. I have moved to an all digital trinnov processor in the chain, doing duties as crossover, room correction and volume control.
Dserota17 thats awesome!!! im not sure exactly how to email you but here is my email address if you could please email me it is wvalles@hotmail.com or if you would like to contact me by phone my number is (505) 238-2943. Thank You very much.