Wanted...Recommendations on Mapleshade

Are these recordings really that sonically good? I'm into mainly jazz & blues. Which Mapleshade recordings are the best in those catagories. Thanks...Sagger
Any of their newer recordings are quite good. I personally like their vocal recordings like Mojo and the Cocuzzi disc.
I have too many Mapleshade recordings to list here, and they are all well-recorded. Some of them are just stunning, especially the vocals. I didn't hear a single recording before I bought it, yet I am not disappointed. I think they're an excellant buy. Good luck!
I have about ten of them. They are well recorded, some feel a bit bright. My favorite, and a jazz must have, is Clifford Jordan's "Live at Ethel's." Best live ambience I have heard, to date. There are a couple of compilation discs from them which would allow you to hear several of their artists. They will allow exchanges if you don't like a disc. This is a very respectable outfit. Charlie.