Wanting to test my system's (and room) ability to recreate bells - any suggestions?

This isn't a, 'I gotta fever for more cowbell' thread. I already made the joke so you wouldn't feel inclined.
Looking for music riddled with expansive quality reverberant bells - maybe tracks with only bells or chimes (maybe any metallic percussion pieces). This might naturally lead to holiday music. That's ok, but hoping for something outside the Christmas theme. If there are folks doing covers of everything with Cellos (2Cellos), there must be some great recordings out there with all bells. Give me a 'ring' if anything comes to mind - thanks!
The Bells of Christmas: Recordings of Bells from the World's Most Famous Cathedrals. Available on Amazon on all formats.

You could also play bell test tracks on YiuTube...
The SACD Tubular Bells is the standard to test by.  Pretty wild in 5.1 but will play in stereo too.
Nice cowbell on Were an American Band/ Grand Funk Railroad.Great Lyrics also- "Up all night with Freddie King, I got to tell you poker's his thing" "sweet sweet Connie", in reference to the legendary Arkansas groupie Connie Hamzy.
bells or chimes (maybe any metallic percussion pieces)

Ellington, Jazz Party, Malletoba Spank
I win! Again! 😂😂😂