Wanting to try a tube amp.

Looking at  an ARC Ref 110 to go with my Ls28se. Used is fine with me want to keep it under 4k. I only stream thru a node 2i and Audio Mirror iii se. Speakers are GE Triton Refs. Any other thoughts for me? Room is 14 wide 24 deep 8 high. Listen to mainly Pink Floyd, ELP,  and rock in general. Don't play loud, about 75db. I'm already deaf and have a pretty decent noise floor in my head to compete with. Thanks.
Miller Carbon. It seems the less expensive are integrated. I'm looking for just a power amplifier, and it needs to be balanced out.       The only thing holding me back on the Ref110 is no protection for the tubes. I've read that if you loose a tube it usually takes out a resistor.  Any thoughts on the Prima Luna Evo 400?

 If you have a bad tube failure it can take out a resistor. The resistor is for protection of the amp. It is very simple to replace. When I had a resistor blow, my ARC dealer fixed it for me at no charge. If need be I could have done it myself. I think it has happened to me twice in 30 years. Use good quality hand matched tubes from a reputable dealer. I use Jim McShane. He burns the tubes in a bit before matching them just like ARC. But he is much less expensive.

"...To Russ69, please take my apologies. I believe you were trying to be humourous..."

Thanks, no problem. I was shocked as hell when the General Electric Triton dish washer was the first thing Google grabbed. Us older (maybe I should say vintage) guys grew up with GE everything and GE commercials on the TV on all the prime time TV shows. I still fight to not say Victrola instead of record player. (Not really but my Grandad had one). The Edison cylinder player was up in the attic by that time...   
Back to the topic; I might try a Conrad-Johnson or a Prima Luna. The ARC gear can be a little dry and I would want to give the ARC pre a little more flavor with a musical amp.