Warm CD player for older CDs with digital glare?

If this was my main criteria for a CD player, possibly because I have a 2nd more highly resolved player for better recordings, what would you recommend?
When an upper midrange (or sometimes mid-midrange) note is strong on some redbook discs, it can go "over the top" and sound like glare, and I don't like that at all.

I have read that the Meridian 808.3 (or .2) is a warm player and that its aprodising filter (sp?) helps with "pre-ringing"
(is that what I'm hearing on vocals that soar into painful territory on redbook discs since the dawn of digital?)
So is the Meridian a candidate?

Someone mentioned Alex's big NWO player to me, or
the Ayon 5.

Thanks in advance.
What you hearing may be a simple bad mastering. Or it could be one of those rare pre-emphasized CD and your CD player doesn't de-emphasize it properly. Instead of purchasing a new CD player I would look to find a newer release of the same album with better or high resolution master. If you can find newer release then it would be cheaper and more compatible down the road than buying a CD player.
I would highly recommend the NAD C565BEE.
It sounds like there's a tube upgrade already in it.
And it still has great detail.