Warm Interconnect....

with good details and treble extension (RCA). Is there such a thing. Budget is 300.00 and okay with finding some used. Thanks.
the quest for a warm cable has appeared on other threads.

the problem with achieving warmth, detail and treble extension is that the very nature of warmth denotes treble attenuation and and a slight peak in the lower frequencies. since warmth is a coloration , its presence will affec resolution. so, if you want warmth, you will get a reduction in clarity and treble response (spl).
Agree with Ssglx, heimdall all the way. You can read my older posts about it, simply amazing cable - it gives very, very appealing midrange bloom,, and still maintains enough treble & everything else..

Read the post and went straight to musicdirect, they still have the 50% off deal!! 349 $ for 1 meter pair is a even lower than a used on a'gon! believe me , when they will be out of stock, you will sell for at least the same price, when you will be going up the nordost ladder..

damn, I think I need to reserve one pair for myself..
Nordost CAN sound bright in some systems. You'd better audition these with yours before purchase. I recommend Purist cables for what you want.