Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K

Need recommendations. Warm, lush and dark Dac. Big sounding and romantic please! Would consider a budget one too, ie from $500.00.

Thanks much.
Why "warm, lush and dark" for a DAC???

I would think that preserving the fidelity of the recording is important at the source. A tubed stage further down the chain makes much more sense to me.
Hello...it’s a long story. I guess not bright and organic. Big sound and romantic still stands. Thanks. :)

I suppose you'd enjoy the AudioGD Singularity 19; not bright, not super clear, dark, absolutely accurate timber -- every instrument sounds real. It was the opposite of what I like at the moment -- clarity and inner detail. Best of luck to you!


I think the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 has the sound you'd like. Read all the positive reviews. Very analog sounding. If you're interested, I have one for sale for $1100.00 on another site.