Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K

Need recommendations. Warm, lush and dark Dac. Big sounding and romantic please! Would consider a budget one too, ie from $500.00.

Thanks much.
Might want to look at some of the MHDT tube DACs. They would fit the bill sonically and fit in the price range.
Wow. Thanks Everyone for your recommendations. I think I will investigate the R2R option. 
Have a look at Darko Dac Index at http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/the-darko-dac-index/, warm ,lush ,and dark are literary examples he commonly uses in reviews.

I have a Audio-gd DAC and I like dealing direct with this company. Their customer service responses are timely, within 24 hrs, friendly, and they offer custom options with some gear.