Warm Power Cord?

What power cords will add warmth to my AV system? For DVD/CD player, Intergrated Amp, and Satelite Receiver. Any thoughts would be appreactied
VooDoo Black Dragons will warm things up and increase the lower registers, while expanding the SS. the former Python VX prior to Helix would be the next step up... both work quite well with HT devices.
get warm sounding speakers or components.
tube equipment usually has a degree of warmth.
Buy some good all copper interconnects and speaker cables.

I would not expect a power cord to add any significant amount of warmth to the sound. At least I've not seen one that does. In my experience, power cords that appear warm at first usually take away some good things, like dynamics, transparency, detail. You only realize it later when you get used to the change.
YMMV but generally Cardas Golden Cross or Reference PCs are thought to be warm sounding. Search the Gon for used cables.
Tony007, Have you done any comparison between Cardas GR with the old industrial plug and the latest one with Furutech? I have a GR and like it. Wondering what I may get if getting the one with Furutech. Thanks