Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)

Anyone come a cross a warm, rich but detailed solid state preamp that engaged you and gave you that spatiality of a good tube preamp?

I suppose im thinking of C900u or Accuphase?
Many McIntosh amplifiers get you pretty close, I have had a few including MC7270, MC7300 and currently an MC352. Matching it a good McIntosh preamplifier is best. I have had a lot of the other brands mentioned in this thread but only quit switching gear with McIntosh, and they will outlast and retain better value than most.
D'Agostino Momentum HD. I replaced all my Pass gear (XP-27, XP-30, X260.8 monoblocks) with D'Agostino Momentum electronics and love the sound.
I have the greatest respect for Nelson Pass and his products, but the D'Agostinos made my Pass stuff sound flat and greyish in comparison. Lots of dynamics and clarity, but wonderful weight and fullness as well.
The only solid state preamp I've owned that gave most of what tube preamps offer was a Classe DR-7, but they were rare (100 and something made) and would be hard to find.

One was for sale a couple of years ago and I include the URL as the description may be of interest.  It had a separate power supply the size and weight of a power amp, and two phono stages.

Absolutely love my Wyred4Sound STP-SE. 
It's very neutral without the sterility you sometimes associate with neutral. The new Benchmark LA4 has the same design philosophy and I'm sure would be another great choice.