warm sounding amp suggestions???????

I currenlty have a B&K ST202 with the B&K 10 pre-amp,and jolida CD player. All paired with Alon II speakers. THey sound great but looking for suggestions on other warmer sound ss amps <1k?
Caveat, I'm not that familiar with your speakers, but some good advise above. I really enjoyed going from B&K to c-j ss. As Pubul57 said, if the 30 watts is enough, it's hard to imagine a warmer sounding ss amp for under a grand.
I currently have a very highly modified Sumo Nine. It definately leans warm. Before mods, it was slightly warmer, but not as deeeeeep in the bass nor as smooth on top, but still very good. You can probably pick one up for $500. to $600. stock. There is also the Nine Plus, I have never compared it to a Nine, Sumo brought it out after Jim Bonjorno left, I hear that it still is a very nice piece.
Ohhh, there is a pure class a Coda on fleebay right now for $600.00... Steal, Good Listening, Tim
IMO, you dont need tubes to get a warmer sound these days..and forgetabout the expense and upkeep of tubes!!McIntosh,Pass Labs yadayadayada
Dvdgreco ;
You could also try a tubed pre-amp . Tubes last a very long time , @10,000 hours , in preamps and can be changed or rolled for a change in the sound . As easy as plug N play .
You could try something like a CJ PV10 , a nice pre-amp for less than your budgeted amount .
Just a thought .

Toetapfactor ;
Tube equipment has the versatility of having many
voices . Rolling tubes for a different voice is cheaper
and easier than rolling amps !
yadayadayada .

Good luck .
The B&K 10 series of preamps whether Sonata, pro or MC are probably the best of the B&K equiptment. All are neutral leaning warm and fairly accurate preamps. There are plenty of better preamps out there, but at their price, B&K preamps perform admirably. There is no doubt as Saki70 mentions that you can get more warmth in a tubed preamp, but as EVERYONE know, tubes aren't for everyone.
Dvdgreco, I do like my other suggestions better, maybe out of ignorance (I haven't listened to the big B&K's) but I'm told the big boy B&K amps are also quite good, warm and inviting, but much better slam on bottom than your current ST202.