Warm Tube Amp(s) to Tame Hyper-Accurate Speakers?

I have these Spendor D9.2's mated to an MC275 VI and the mids and highs are still too much, sometimes.  Sometimes the sound is sublime based on the recording, sometimes harsh.  I imagine perhaps Focal and B&W folks know what I speak of, maybe not Magico owners.  Even using a C2700 tube pre-amp.  Can this be solved with a WARM tube amp, and if so, which ones?  I like my MC275 VI but I am open to suggestions.


This is why god invented tone/eq controls.

Ok...I will turn in my audiophile card now.

Many modern speakers seem to have an emphasised treble.That seems to be the way the world has gone-more of everything is considered better! They should come with an L pad so you can adjust the output .You could have them installed and say mounted on the back.

After lots of auditioning…

Linn Akurate DS Katalyst> Pass Labs XP20 > Pass Labs XA30.8 > Spendor D9s.

Very happy camper…