Warmer class D amps for magnepan?

I am planning on buying a pair of lrs+, and i need a poweramp. I am well aware that class D is despised in the magnepan community, but its unwarranted. Nuforce and the new purifi amps are designed to handle 2 ohm loads, and have been used to power Maggies without falt. My only concern is they will kinda rip my head off if i play any less than perfect recording on them. I’m aware that all modern magnepans are unforgiving, but can be tamed with a smoother amplifier. So why not class A or AB? Unfortunately, i simply dont have the space for the ones that are actually rated at 2 ohms (the lrs is around 3.5ohm, but dips to 2.8, it MUST be able designed to handle a 2 ohm load). Also, any one of them that does go up on sale, the owners almost always refuse to ship them, and want you to pick it up in person (for which i dont have the resources to do so). So I ask if there are any smoother, more forgiving class D poweramps (not intergrated models) that you are sure will power magnepans correctly. They can be discontinued, as i will be buying it used regardless, so anything from 2008 to 2018 would be preferable and my budget is around €2000, so say $2500. Thank you.


The Orchard Audio class D amps work well with Magneplanars. The Absolute Sound has a video using them together. Orchard Audio is running a tour on another forum. Listen to the amp a week for free. Then pay to ship it to next person on the list. Highly recommended.



A friend uses Maggies (3.6, I think) with an amp based on PuriFi 1ET400A modules and says it's the best sound he ever has got out of them.

I have electrostatics and run them with a PuriFi amp, and it's the best sound I've ever got out of them.

If you find the sound irritating, maybe consider one or more of the following: a tone control (the Schiit Loki Max is dandy), improving room acoustics, or turning down the tweeters on the Maggies.

Your budget isn’t going to do anything until you start getting over $10-20k for better equipment. AGD makes great class D amps…their entry level one is 5 grand and a piece of meh-bad-bad.

in your price range, you’re not going to get proprietary parts are going to get junk buffers, industrial grade cheap caps and just off the shelf class D modules with inexpensive wiring.