Warmest? BAT VK200, Classe CA200, Mccormack .5

If someone was looking for the warmest
full bodied, least fatigueing sound which
would you choose. I have Martin Logans.
I have not heard the BAT or the Classe but I do have a McCormack .5 Rev with a King Cobra power cord powering a pair of Magnepan MG 3.6R. The sound is warm and full bodied. I also sold a McCormack DNA 1 with Martin Logans. He upgraded from a BAT amp. Just my opinion.
try the Innersound ESL amp...i'm using it with the Innersound Isis electrostatic speakears and it sounds warm...no need for tubes in my system...
The BAT Vk-200 is a superb amplifier. In my system, with Bryston BP-25 preamp and B&W 802's, it is warm, rich, powerful, detailed, thoroughly musical. I have not compared it to the other models, but I tried a McCormack amp once and really disliked its pristine but brittle sound. Others rave about them. Good luck with your search.
Can't help you regarding the comparison question but I had to remark about McCormack's. They have a very warm, dynamic & musical sonic signature when paired with the right speakers, cables, & AC cord, which did require a fair amount of experimentation. I added some other tweaks (Vibrapods, Black Diamond shelf, cones) the amp always responded to any tweaks/changes, sometimes better / sometimes worse (just as you'd expect) my point being that they are highly tweakable to achieve whatever sonic charactaristics are desired. Nice very affordable line of equipment. Works well with a Custom Power Top Gun HCFI AC cord straight to line.
I recently switched from a DNA 0.5 to 0.5 Rev B. Amazing step up in terms of soundstaging, bass extension, and high end detail. However, even with my Vandersteen 2cis and BAT VK3i, it seems ever so slightly bright now. Using Silver Sonic t-14 shotgun biwire. Haven't heard the others. Just thought you might want to consider the Rev. b.
I own the Classe CA300, paired with Vienna Acoustic speakers. I've been told that Classe is a good match for Martin Logan, due to the smooth sound of Classe amps. I love my CA300.

Having said that, I have not auditioned the BAT or McCormack under controlled conditions, so can't help you directly with your comparison. I do believe BAT has a reputation for being less "warm" or "euphoric" than other brands of traditional tube gear (such as Conrad-Johnson). BAT has a great reputation, however. Had I not purchased Classe, BAT would perhaps have been my next choice.
I've got a McCormack DNA-0.5 Rev. A and I would categorize it as incredibly neutral. If the material is warm and lush it comes through that way and if it's etched and bright you get that too. Given that, I'm not sure it would provide you with what you're looking for. Don't have any concrete info. on the others. Best of luck.

go for tube amps if you can as they will give more ''body'' to the martin-logans. or a tube pre with a solid state power amp.
good luck !
My Classe CA-200 was somewhat warm and smooth with solid punch but not lacking detail. It was a nice match for my Thiel speakers. I currently use Conrad-Johnson tube power amp and ARC tube preamp but the Classe was very good and had better bass slam (being solid-state).
I have the aerius i, matched with the Bat vk200. After a long journey of auditions I choose the Bat hands down, over the classe, mccormick, signature, meridan, audiomat, plinuis and many others. And with the 3i pre, the surenergy is out of this world. Imo. Pete
I don't know what gear you currently use... But... The sound you seek can easily be had by placing a single run of Cardas Golden Cross between your existing preamp and amp.

Give that a try before you buy any amp - I think you will like the results and you'll save some dough.

If you still really, really want a new amplifier... Try something from Electrocompaniet. I know it's not on your list but...it should be.