warmest speaker cables you've heard?

I'm looking for a short length of speaker cables, which i need to be as warm as possible..
Price wise, looking at USD700 and below for 1m length pair.

it'll be placed in between an Apollon stereo 1et400a power amp and a RAAL-requisite SR1a speaker adaptor box.
The SR1a is ruthless and clinical and I am looking to add as much warmth as I can. 

Assume the rest of the gear and interconnects have been decided/cannot be swapped out. So just left with the speaker cables to sort out.

I've been told the following are good candidates:
Kimber 8TC
Tellurium Q Black II
Tellurium Ultra Blue

Anything else I should be looking at?
Any 28 gauge? LOL
Honestly, if you need warm cables as tone controls you might address the fundamentals first; or put a very gentle LPF between your amp and preamp.
Your answer is to look for a lower Characteristic Impedance of the cable.  The reason is beyond the scope of this answer but the way they conduct and reflect signals is completely different. The Kimber is woven to lower self inductance.  It's CI will result around 50 ohms.  It will sound slightly softer than a twin lead type.  Both Telluriums are horizontal  trace pair ribbon.  HTP ribbons are the worst configuration, high inductance, and the sound will really suck.  The CI works out to be around 300 ohms and people who like them with an 8 ohm speaker are delusional.  You won't tell any difference between the Telluriums. The Kimber is not really great, but that is your list. 

pauly642 posts07-02-2021 7:43pm
That capacitance albeit very very low, is the only characteristic that could possibly affect audio.

This probably one of the most profoundly anti-scientific and outright absurd statements I have ever heard in a while.

There is no scientific model that tells us that everything that could possibly affect sound is currently known … and there never will be.
We have recently discovered that all the matter that we can perceive amounts to less than 10% of the total mass of the matter in the universe. In excess of 90% of the mass of our universe we are unable to observe, and in our absolute ignorance we refer to it as “dark matter” and “dark energy”. We know it exist solely because we can see it affect what we can see. What it is, we do not have the faintest clue.

The idea that your 35 years in electronics makes you knowledgeable of everything that could possibly effect sound is pure fantasy. Your statement should read “That capacitance albeit very very low, is the only characteristic that I know of that will effect sound.”
You are both wrong. The argument is senseless.  There are many more design factors.  Capacitance is more applicable to tonearm leads.  There is no sense in educating you here because your response is ignorant to a post that is also wrong.  If you want an accurate path, start by studying characteristic impedance and bandwidth.  Download a simulator, then build 30 different cable types and report back. Else both of you will spend a lot of money, never be satisfied with a cable, and never discuss it knowledgeably.

You are both wrong. The argument is senseless.

My argument is “senseless” to those who cannot comprehend the English language and keep within  context.

There is no sense in educating you …

FLMAO. This from somebody who cannot comprehend English.