Warmest speaker?

What do you feel the warmest speakers are?

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Can't help but enjoy the comments on the Tylers in relationship to thier being 'cool' as suggested by Bartokfan.

Much as I enjoy mine for what they do very well, their being 'cool' is not one of them. A slight bit of warmth in the lower mids-upper bass w/o loss of resolution and a bit of emphasis I think (maybe its my electronics but I don't think so) in the mid/upper-mid range with out introducing brightness or edgyness). I'd love for someone to publish a set of graphs ala JA's in Stereophile, to test my aural accuity if nothing else.
Steve i brought my Jadis and cayin along with me at a home demo down in new orleans last yr. Was a wonderful experience at Mike's house. I know what the potential of the Lin Sig Sys is, both on my amp and Mike's amp/high quality turntable.
End Story, brothers! Quad 22L2! Very suprised you audiophile maniacs didn't mention it! Warm, lush out of the box. Thanks all for the feedback but loosen up, brothers!