Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com

I just wanted to pass along some concerns with this dealer. 

I ordered a tube amp a couple weeks ago that was shown in stock (actually listed as a discounted customer return). and after 8 days of waiting for a shipping notification I asked about the status and was told it was delayed because the owner had to verify his UPS account. ??? They listed DHL Fedex and UPS as shipping services with 3 - 7 day delivery time for the $595 shipping charge I paid.

Since that response I have asked several times to cancel the order and even thru Paypal communications but am now being ignored. No refund and no shipment. So now it is in Paypal claim and I will be waiting many more days to see a refund.

Very disappointing experience with this dealer.

I have been ordering kit from China for years, never had a problem with any company I have dealt with. Customer service has always been A1, even when there is a problem with an item it has always been resolved quickly, often just sending a new one with low value items, and not even wanting the other one returned. In my experience the average Chinese company seem to be very helpful, their Government is another story!!

What puzzles me is how a company can sell a piece of used kit that they haven't had sight of. They have no idea what condition it will be returned to them in, so how do they advertise it?
$595 for shipping definitely seems excessive but you should price it out yourself (FedEx / DHL) and see that it is 'reasonable'..   It also includes US customs paperwork..  

It's very heavy and is coming from around 6000 miles away..  In the USA, we have very reasonably priced shipping.

I have bought DACs and Linear power supply from APOS and they are totally legit and super easy to work with. Unfortunately, they don't carry tube amps similar to the ones mentioned here.  APOS is more focused on headphones.  
I've bought audio and other stuff direct from China and never had a problem.  Currently using an Icepower amp purchased for $160.  No problems.  The only thing I would not buy from China is a tube amp unless you are sure the output transformers are of good quality.  Or you could buy a Chinese tube amp with plans to replace the output transformers if they are not up to expectations.  
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Millercarbon taking an incident with a Chinese company to bash an entire country. Nice.