Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com

I just wanted to pass along some concerns with this dealer. 

I ordered a tube amp a couple weeks ago that was shown in stock (actually listed as a discounted customer return). and after 8 days of waiting for a shipping notification I asked about the status and was told it was delayed because the owner had to verify his UPS account. ??? They listed DHL Fedex and UPS as shipping services with 3 - 7 day delivery time for the $595 shipping charge I paid.

Since that response I have asked several times to cancel the order and even thru Paypal communications but am now being ignored. No refund and no shipment. So now it is in Paypal claim and I will be waiting many more days to see a refund.

Very disappointing experience with this dealer.

That's why I use American Express. They LOVE to go after bad guys and will protect you no questions asked. That's why I have been a loyal customer for 30 yrs. They have ALWAYS helped me out.
I bought a couple of Leica camera lens from dealers in Hong Kong this year. Their customer service surpassed anything I have experienced. Items were better than described and ultra fast shipping. In one case I received the lens the next day Fedex overnight service. And in all cases received within a couple days max. That is why it was so shocking to see the absolutely poor customer service from these Chinese amp dealers. But then they are in mainland China with maybe a different ethic about customers than Hong Kong. You would think for $595 shipping they would actually get it to you in the 3 - 7 days they advertise.

But for those bashing the product I say again they are really good for the money. Too bad the dealers mostly suck.
I knowingly try not to order anything directly from China anymore. Even when an item has free shipping to you, in case you need to return it you have to pay $$ and fill too many forms to ship it back. If it's made in China and I really want it, I try to find a seller that already imported it and will ship inside the US.
I have also given up on China purchases When the retailer sent me a completely different item my only recourse with  paypal was to ship it back at my expense I provided pictures of the item i ordered and the one that was shipped I now avoid using paypal 
I had the same problem with the same seller regarding a purchase of the same amp. PayPal made excuses and dragged thier feet. I got CC company involved.  The seller even stooped so low as to offer me 0.01 if I agree to take the black model instead of the chrome model. That infuriated me.  The guy from Thomas and Stereo got involved (I think they are connected) but the CC company prevailed in the end. I will not buy from them again. Yes, the shipping price is ridiculous.