Warning for Revel lovers

I have read these forums for some years, and have never contributed,  but feel I really must let people in on what is happening at Revel. I ordered a pair of Salon2's  in March '21 through the great folks down at USA Tube Audio in Scottsdale,  who I can unreservedly recommend for excellent customer service. After ordering the Salons, Revel estimated their delivery at the end of April. When that date approached the delivery was changed to end of June. Then it was changed to August, then November, then February.  '22. Just found out the new delivery date. It is August '22. Well, you might say, this is supply chain, pandemic related. Read on. During my year-long wait, Paul and Charlie down at USA Tube several times tried to find out what the story was for the delays. I also wrote to Revel to try to get updates; I had sent them 50% down to reserve the speakers. The most either I or USA Tube received back was a one or two terse sentences which shed no light on what the issues were effecting delivery targets. During this time, I sent some equipment in to Audio Research for factory restoration. It took them 6 months to get the job done, but they were excellent at keeping me in the loop, and I always knew when to expect them to finish the job. Just last week I canceled my order to Revel. I will receive a refund, but there was not one word from them apologizing or attempting to explain what happened. I have since ordered a pair of Aspen FR30's from PS Audio, and have already been contacted by them several times for updates and videos of in home installations. Anyway, they are delivering the first couple of pallets as I write this, and somehow are able to honor their commitments to their customers. Though I will have to wait for mine, I have high confidence they will arrive at my house when Paul and company say they will.


The point of my ramble is that the high end community is rather small, with many excellent companies competing for for business within it. It is sad to note that one of the absolute best, Revel, is now under the corporate umbrella of Harmon, which is under the corporate umbrella of Samsung. They have not been represented at the last two T.H.E. shows in Long Beach, home state for Revel. They sent me an email back in January, announcing a change in their management, along with no information on the status of my speakers. They appear to have had no interest in keeping a buyer of their flagship product either happy or informed, for an entire year. I am not a wealthy man. I've been trading and buying audio products for almost 40 years, and was excited to lay down a large commitment in capital for some amazing speakers. I am assuming that sometime in the recent past Revel, after having been absorbed by its corporate overlords, was "restructured" (read gutted), and is not currently equipped to supply a quality product to discerning audiophiles. It also appears that the parent company is content mass-marketing cell phones and "speakers that rock", but sound the same whether playing MP3, CD quality, or high rez. If anyone out there is thinking of sinking a bunch of money into a high end speaker, Caveat emptor! P.S. I own a pair of original Salons, and have always enjoyed Revel's products. Very sad


You are quite correct @bratscheboy 

It is axiomatic that big companies are unable to deliver.  Why complain?  The owners of successful small companies aren't compelled to sell out.  They just want the dough.  They don't care what happens to their company and their product.  In fact many companies fail under the new extractive command.  Private equity is the worst.  It often bleeds a company dry in two or three years by overloading it with debt service that precludes R&D and further development.  Cash cows don't exist in sharp end businesses like hi-fi.

But we all know of many great smaller companies that have been run by their initial proprietors for decades.   Stick to these and steer clear of the Harmons and Samsungs that mainly look to maximise short-term profits by shafting their customers with poor service and non-working freezers (see above).

i've had a couple of interactions with revel's customer service/parts departments over the years and all have been frustrating--considering they're a division of a gazillion dollar conglomerate, they're like dealing with some chaotic third world, back-alley operation. that said, they're not venal--i was ultimately able to get what i needed--and they do make a helluva speaker.

Just to help you feel better, Artemis5, I've experienced the same refrigerator/freezer situation with my Whirlpool unit. Thank goodness I watched the tech who came to fix it and see what was involved, but the same issue kept rearing it's ugly head every two weeks or so. Finally, I gave up and resorted to your resolution, ice trays and bucket. So it's not just Samsung! Sorry to stray from the original intent of this thread, but I just needed to vent after seeing your dilemma.

Rough story.  Now u could of bought my heavenly sounding modded Revel F208s that my Spatial X5s have replaced....

I ordered a replacement tweeter for a Studio I from Harmon last summer  and I was blown off for months.Finally I called an authorized service (Pyramid Audio) and they were able to get me one at an extra cost and it finally came just weeks ago.