Warranties - Best & Worst - New & Used

I've noticed a few random threads on this topic, but thought I'd see if it stirs any interest.

Esp here on Audiogon, with used equip, which manufacturers have the best and worst warranties.. trasferrability, helpful customer service, no need ever for service (the best!)

Bryston 20 yr *Transferrable* and friendly
Theta - original owner only
Jolita - grouchy? and non-transferrable

any other experiences of thoughts?

even if warranty is not transferable, who has great service anyway?

PS maybe lets not get into an argument about how evil this or that policy is.. I'm just askin' - stick to facts maybe
Thiel, 10 year warranty, unbelievably good customer service! The best customer service I've ever experienced from any manufacturer or service provider in any(!) business, bar none!
I have enjoyed good customer service from Conrad-Johnson and B&K as well.
Scott Nixon of Scott-nixon.com who sells the latest generation of his DAC designs either with or without tube output at a laughably cheap price. His customer service when analyzing, repairing, and cosmetically enhancing his older generation Anodyne ATAS DAC totally amazed me, and at a price more charitable than commercial. When a manufacturer will look at their old equipment over ten years later, and take care of it completely for less than the cost of just the estimate fee locally then I am impressed. His newer designs are so elegantly simple in design it will take 20 years to need work in or out of warranty, and by then we'll all be listening to some technology not yet dreamed of.
There are dummies out there who buy stuff from other countries, then whine and cry that the US distributor or retailers won't assist with Warranty claims!! (DUH!! Like, everyone knows this applies to just about ANYTHING you buy across the borders!!)
Then they have the nerve to complain about the manufacturer not supporting the product, and whine about it on A'Gon or the Asylum....
Sure, avoid the local dealer and the US economy because you're a cheap bast*rd, then complain about customer service when you're not really a US customer!??!!?!?
Anyone else heard of stories like these?
B&W has bent over backwards to answer all my questions and provide product support. Excellent!
I recently bought a Denon product and had a question / problem. The answering machine at Denon said to leave your phone numebr and your call would be returned. So Denon does not take calls. And they never returned my call. So I returned it. Good riddance Denon!
Whine, wahhhh, complain, snivel, arggggghhhhh, moan, sigh,