Warranties - Best & Worst - New & Used

I've noticed a few random threads on this topic, but thought I'd see if it stirs any interest.

Esp here on Audiogon, with used equip, which manufacturers have the best and worst warranties.. trasferrability, helpful customer service, no need ever for service (the best!)

Bryston 20 yr *Transferrable* and friendly
Theta - original owner only
Jolita - grouchy? and non-transferrable

any other experiences of thoughts?

even if warranty is not transferable, who has great service anyway?

PS maybe lets not get into an argument about how evil this or that policy is.. I'm just askin' - stick to facts maybe
Pass Labs period. They are one of the tops in the business at customer service and repair.

Happy Listening.
Hard to beat Bryston's 20year transferable warranty. And you don't pay a dime to get it either. Lifetime warranty is cool but it is well known that audiophiles don't keep things all that long. The neat thing is I can buy a used Bryston and just not care if it is broken or not.

The history on the warranty is kind of funny; they were always in the habit of freely fixing anything that people sent to them (that didn't have beer in it or wasn't run over by a truck). From the time I started this hobby in the 70's till now, I never knew anyone that had to pay for a repair from Bryston. Their marketing boys just said "If you are going to do this, why not advertise it?" And so they did.

Good point about the problem in warrantying things like cd-players which do have moving parts. May indeed be why Bryston doesn't market any. Can't say as I blame them.
"11-23-03: Unsound
Golden ears, suffice to say I couldn't disagree with you more."

Uh, okay......you can leave it at that, I guess, no harm done to me, that's for sure.
But then....
Your argument, if that's what it is, is like your chosen name - "Unsound", because you didn't say what you're disagreeing with! (Bryston issue or ridiculous out-of-country-purchase warranty claims??)
Both my McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe and Audio Research CD-1 were bought used here on Audiogon. In both cases I called the companies to inquire about service or updates on pre-owned gear prior to purchasing the items. This is my final checkpoint before making a decision to purchase a major component.

Steve McCormack replied, personally, about the amp through SMc Audio. It just gets no better than that.

My most recent purchase was an Audio Research CD-1. I made a phone call to Audio Research, asked for service and proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation with the technician about the CD-1. I was not even put on hold! Essentially they service (sometimes update) anything they ever made.

Oh and my last new purchase, Von Schweikert VR2s. A 10 year warranty, transferrable I think since I sent in the card.

Sure makes spending all this money a lot easier if you know your covered by the manufacturer.
Golden ears, I disagree with your dismissal of Bryston's warranty policy. I disagree with the idea that out-of-country purchase warranty claims are ridiculous. The most disagreeable thing is the impolite manner in which you have trolled this thread.