Warranties - Best & Worst - New & Used

I've noticed a few random threads on this topic, but thought I'd see if it stirs any interest.

Esp here on Audiogon, with used equip, which manufacturers have the best and worst warranties.. trasferrability, helpful customer service, no need ever for service (the best!)

Bryston 20 yr *Transferrable* and friendly
Theta - original owner only
Jolita - grouchy? and non-transferrable

any other experiences of thoughts?

even if warranty is not transferable, who has great service anyway?

PS maybe lets not get into an argument about how evil this or that policy is.. I'm just askin' - stick to facts maybe
Golden ears, I disagree with your dismissal of Bryston's warranty policy. I disagree with the idea that out-of-country purchase warranty claims are ridiculous. The most disagreeable thing is the impolite manner in which you have trolled this thread.
Thiel,Rogue,Pass labs.In that order in my experience.
Biggest headache ever was from Music Hall...woops.
I'm sorry if you think I'm not "polite", but I wasn't trying to be obnoxious either. I was merely raising what I thought were valid points. You're taking certain points in my posts out of context to challenge and conveniently ignoring other points I made that balance the arguments. That is scheming, manipulative and political, which I consider to be worse than "impolite"!

1) Since when is it "ridiculous" to have a belief that we should support the US economy (in this case the US distributor/dealer network, or even private sale from an individual in the US) instead of buying off-shore? (The fact that the item may be manufactured off-shore is irrelevant. The distributor/dealer network is set-up to support the US economy) And, if someone by-passes that network to buy off-shore just to save a few bucks, should they really expect to get the same customer service from the US distributor? Now THAT is "ridiculous"!

2) I didn't "dismiss" Bryston's warranty. I think it's great if they repair things that may have just worn-out after years of use. I merely pointed out that there are less things to go wrong in an amp vs. a CD player, for example, so they're safe there, and their warranty, like just about everybody else's, probably doesn't cover what they consider to be abuse or accidental damage, which is usually the cause of failure.
Since you decided to attack me on the Bryston discussion, I copied and pasted this off of their website:

"This warranty is considered void if the defect, malfunction or failure of the product or any component part was caused by damage (not resulting from a defect or malfunction) or abuse while in the possession of the customer, tampering by persons other than factory-authorized service personnel, or failure to comply with Bryston operating Instructions."

So, there it is. That's all I was saying. No evil agenda here!
I believe that the warranty should be transferrable and that the equipment bought abroad should be covered too. However, I don't think that in this case US distributors or dealers must have anything to do with it.The manufacturer can do a favour and arrange the service with a dealer, but I have no objection to sending the piece oversees.Shipping should be split.