Warren Haynes feat Railroad Earth - Ashes and Dust

.....had this a few weeks now and just a head's up - nice stuff....also saw the tour live and was really good . Give it a listen.....
He's an awesome guitarist. I saw Govt Mule live earlier this year, and they were great. I can't speak from personal experience, but someone I trust said the recording on this is not great. He didn't say it was terrible, but again, just ok.
.....I always try and listen to the music on YOUTUBE before I make any assumptions on it and then I buy it. I guess you would need to like and enjoy as well as understand folk, grassroots type music in order to appreciate this disc. Warren does nice job on the guitar as well as his interpretation of this music. The musicians on Railroad
Earth or no slouches either.
I like it, but then again I like both Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth. It's clearly not in the Gov't Mule vein, but then again none of Warren's work away from them has been. His last solo work Man in Motion was more of a Steve Cropper like release.
GareBear thanks for the headsup on this. I've loved Warren's work over the years particularly with dead family bands and the like as well as his solo record Man in Motion. I've been curious/excited about that Sco-Mule show recent release on vinyl. Anybody got it?