Was my friend given misinformation.

My friend is just getting into audio for a music system. In his price rang I thought the Rogue Sphinx V3 would be a nice choice. He could also look at the Revel Concerta 2 line of speakers. Well he decided to stop by Magnolia at Best Buy.  Not a bad setup he got a Denon 3700 AVR and a pair of B&W 603's. He said the salesman told him to stay away from integrated amps as they are not anything but stripped down AVR's without the features. So I guess all us owners of 2 channel preamps and integrated have been duped. Who knew??


well at least he has an AVR if we wants to add to build a surround sound system.  I am sure the salesperson qualified him 🤣🤣🤣.  Did he go in saying I am looking for a 2 channel system for audio?    AVR , Audio, Video , Receiver.  If he told the guy/gal I am not playing video and have no need for all of those Video features he should have walked out with a 2 channel integrated .  Maybe the guy said he also wants to watch movies etc... B&W 603s will be fine

From long ago, an integrated amp is a receiver without the tuner.

That being said there are integrated and there are integrated, you

can spend 1k on a NAD or 38000 on the CH-Precision 

I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier, both integrated but not the same!

As someone who works at best buy, I can agree that most of the employees know f all. We don't sell a lot of hifi products, mainly receivers and some decent speakers. Lots of brands we don't carry, and if we do, they make it hard to get them which makes no sense to me when I can go to another retailer and order it online. Mag employees get comission to my knowledge as well, which is why he's spouting pure drivel

I’m sure the Best Buy guy also added that the volume control goes to higher number (volume goes to 11 reference😀). 

Sad that this “information” just propagates and shuts off peoples minds that there is something better.