Was my friend given misinformation.

My friend is just getting into audio for a music system. In his price rang I thought the Rogue Sphinx V3 would be a nice choice. He could also look at the Revel Concerta 2 line of speakers. Well he decided to stop by Magnolia at Best Buy.  Not a bad setup he got a Denon 3700 AVR and a pair of B&W 603's. He said the salesman told him to stay away from integrated amps as they are not anything but stripped down AVR's without the features. So I guess all us owners of 2 channel preamps and integrated have been duped. Who knew??


Separate components will sound better.

or, high quality brands will sound as good,…but $$$$

luxman, odyssey/symphonic line, 

@luxmancl38 in my experience learned over time, home theater and 2 channel stereo is almost apples and oranges

Feature rich multifunction devices that do everything pretty good Vs stand alone specialty devices that do fewer things extremely well

Great guidance on the Revel line, outstanding price performers IMO

I've owned the F36s for approx 5 years and they've trickled down to my TV audio system, which is also only 2 channel.  Won't shake the room while watching the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan or the Matrix but more than covers my selfish interest for TV viewing pleasure

He still did OK, if he's happy and while he probably wasn't gouged and got to take a product home that day, he did leave a little fun on the table and may find himself correcting course down the road

My guess is the weak link in the chain was the limited knowledge of the BestBuy salesman, who may whole heartedly, based on his experience, feel like he's short changing a customer if he doesn't equip them when going out the door, with a direct path to the latest atmos nirvana

One of the really hard parts of this hobby, we all just don't know what we don't know and where does our respective points of reference start when evaluating the same products

Example, when evaluating a new speakers, my personal point of reference would be the midlevel Revels, but someone else's point of reference could be coming from some upper end Magico, Rockport, Wilson, etc

If we both listen to something higher up the food chain than the Revels but lower in the food chain than the Magico, I'm apt to speak of them very favorably while the other person may review them as under performers

Both personal opinions would be correct and honest from the different points of reference that we started from

Then we'll all gravitate to the measurements for the tie breaking facts to settle the matter of different opinions derived from different starting points of reference

My apologies for running down a rabbit hole of mental gymnastics and the diversion to what's most important on this forum - happy listening and enjoying the journey

I'm sure he was pushing what he made the most commission on. I also heard companies pay for floor space placement in those stores.

As most integrated are 2 channel I would say they are more like a 2 channel receiver without the tuner. Either way the point is your cramming more into the same size box so sacrifices have to be made..