Was my friend given misinformation.

My friend is just getting into audio for a music system. In his price rang I thought the Rogue Sphinx V3 would be a nice choice. He could also look at the Revel Concerta 2 line of speakers. Well he decided to stop by Magnolia at Best Buy.  Not a bad setup he got a Denon 3700 AVR and a pair of B&W 603's. He said the salesman told him to stay away from integrated amps as they are not anything but stripped down AVR's without the features. So I guess all us owners of 2 channel preamps and integrated have been duped. Who knew??



Drop the subject - your friend is happy now and likely closed minded on upgrading and may have been closed minded on your audio opinion

An update. He seems pretty happy w/the purchase. However he's a bit overwhelmed buy the manual, 312 pages. I'm going over to help him navigate the instructions. A big difference from my Lo-Tech Luxman Tube Preamp Instruction Manual which is only 20 pages long. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)😎

@luxmancl38 maybe you'll get lucky and the manual is in 5 languages and you will only need to power trough 50-60 pages

Setup and tweaking on some AVRs can be a chore with room analysis microphones for optimized speaker placement, carving up the power for different speaker channel configurations, etc

Best of luck

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Who among us started out with the system we have now?

Give the guy a break and let him learn the way every one of us did: trial and error and triumph! That Denon/B&W system will sound way better than whatever he’s used to and will be an excellent introduction to all the features and switches.

I say it’s impossible to buy any system at any price and thereby assume the identity "audiophile." Doesn’t audiophilia require experience? Can you "buy-in" to the hobby?

Stuck in the back of a big box like Best Buy, Magnolia is definitely NOT the place to audition a competitive 2 channel system. If I were working there, I would have sold the guy pretty much the same stuff. I guarantee that system was good for everyone involved: good sound, good reliability, probable WAF, profitable, in-stock, solid stuff that can be enjoyed for years and then be a good value on the used market.