Was the upgrade from Alexia 1 to Alexx V worth it?

I was very happy for the last 9 years with my Wilson Audio Alexia’s. After reading John Atkinson’s review I purchased them and thought it would last me through retirement. Then Alexia 2 came and one reviewer declared it so much better than V1 that it “sounded broken”. When Alexia 3 arrived I got the bug for change. Spent an hour and a half listening to the Alexx V at a dealer thinking I needed a bigger step up. While I liked the Alexx V sound, I wasn’t at first convinced it sounded “that” much better. Fast forward about a year and 5 days ago my new Alexx V’s arrived. Bottom line, they are significantly better. Its that simple. Best bass I have heard in my life and huge soundstage with holographic imaging. Lots of overtones and slow decay. But were they worth three times the cost of my original Alexia? For me yes. I have the resources and at 72 years my 50 year obsession with audio is approaching its twilight. You can’t take it with you. Do I miss the Alexia and could I go back to them……..yes as they captured 70% of what I have now. Its that law of diminishing returns thing. Lesson for me is things move slow in audio development with lots of marketing hype. If you like your current system stay with it until the time is right. Then by all means take the leap to the next level.




Nice score on the Alexx V. And yes, compared to the Alexia 1, the difference is significant.


Happy Listening!


You have the means, enjoy your life’s passion. You lucky dog!

I just bought (I hope) my last speakers at age 70.

However, the younger generations will probably sell them on eBay when we are gone though...LOL!



@ozzy Thanks and so true!  I did conclude you can't take it with you and I'd rather spend my own money while I can and let the next generation figure out how to earn their own!