Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito

Here's a link to a Washington Post article on the recent dustup with MoFi. The comments section (including posts by Michael Fremer) are interesting.

Disclaimer: This is a "public service announcement, a point Im adding since some forum members complained the last article I referenced here was "paywall protected", I'll note that, for those who are non-subscribers, free access to limited numbers of articles is available by registering (trade-off: The Post will deluge you with subscription offers)


The crux of it is this:

"The fallout of the MoFi revelation has thrown the audiophile community into something of an existential crisis. The quality of digitized music has long been criticized because of how much data was stripped out of files so MP3s could fit on mobile devices. But these days, with the right equipment, digital recordings can be so good they can fool even the best ears. Many of MoFi’s now-exposed records were on Fremer and Esposito’s own lists of the best sounding analog albums."

I won't be buying any other Mo Fi records.  Man, do I feel duped!  You can't even trust the companies that claim they do things the right way, then this.

Any mention of MoFi offering to buy back the albums they lied to us about being all analog, at full price or better yet for the premium we may have paid for certain albums???


I'm with Stereo5 on this one. No more!


Disappointed in Massachusetts...