Wasn't this forum going to be updated?

Some time ago I received an invitation to join a 'new' version of this forum, and responded with alacrity since I find this one incredibly difficult to use. No one responded to my response which I guess means I failed some test, but no matter what: that was many months ago.

Has the 'update' died on the vine?
Same here. I always thought their announcement was made more to quiet discontent with the site than because there was a serious move afoot to update the site.
Please don't ask to update this forum the amateur crew of Audiogon. They will screw it up for very long time. As-Is till professionals probably from outside of audiogon can take care of that.
"If it is not broken why fix it?" as the saying goes. This current set up has a simple and clean layout and easy to navigate.

Why disparage the Audiogon staff?
Redglobe - a while back there were people asking for new features, like the ability to edit your posts in order to make corrections. The forum works well, but there are features that could be added. During those discussions, Audiogon indicated that they were starting a new development. The concern is that a re-write might disrupt the "simple and clear layout and easy to use navigation". That concern is based on the re-write of the main selling system, which had a lot of growing pains and which many still have issues with.
Didn't the site want us to use a "hub" or something instead of the forums. Anytime I see a push like that it usually means a new manner of introducing advertising. Don't know if it ever functioned or still does?