Watermelon test for audiophiles!


In this hot and perfect watermelon season (where lots of them are really tasty and sweet), I was wondering if audiophiles can actually pick up a PERFECT watermelon just by tapping it and listening to the tap.  If one can hear differences between different cables, it's a lot easier task to listen to watermelon tap. Or on the other hand, if you can't tell which watermelon is perfect by tapping, how come you can hear differences in wires or cables?


When I was a firefighter on the Florida gulf coast, some of us worked the shows at the Civic Center on our days off. When Gallagher came to town I always got to help set up his props and mess with the Sledge-O-Matic.

Nice guy, Gallagher. Total pothead. Could get high just by walking by his tour bus.

Mother nature's finest.  Sweet watermelon 🍉. It's a combo of the weight, the spot, and finally the stem. My wife is from Arkansas and the melons there are fantastic. Mind out of the gutter people 😔. Greg 

Aside from finding one with a nice field spot, the best way to choose a watermelon is by comparing its size to its weight. Pick it up and if it seems heavier that it should be for its size, you have a good one. 

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