Watermelon test for audiophiles!


In this hot and perfect watermelon season (where lots of them are really tasty and sweet), I was wondering if audiophiles can actually pick up a PERFECT watermelon just by tapping it and listening to the tap.  If one can hear differences between different cables, it's a lot easier task to listen to watermelon tap. Or on the other hand, if you can't tell which watermelon is perfect by tapping, how come you can hear differences in wires or cables?


I nominate this for “Thread of the Year”.


Would read again….🤔

Tapping a watermelon is just part of testing to see if it's ready to eat. You need to look at the navel to make sure it's brown, not green,  also look at the skin color to make sure it's a bit faded. Then it's on to the smell test.. ;)

I know none of this has to do with your metaphor, but you did start out talking about how to test a watermelon.  I'm not about to do all those things to check audio cables...just watermelon.