Watt/Puppy 5.1 Upgrades?

I just purchased a pair of Wilson Watt/Puppy 5.1's on the secondary market. The only problem is that when I got onto the Wilson Audio website, there is no up-grades offered for the 5.1's. I was curious if anyone has tried to "upgrade" the actual drivers on the speakers, whether it was the mid-range drivers or the woofer drivers? Does anyone recommend doing this? Any ideas of how I could up-grade without going up to the next level of Watt/Puppy speakers (which I could not afford) would be appreciated. All ideas are welcomed! Thanks! Larry
The real upgrade is adding a WHOW sub. This gives you what the W/P5.1 is missing - deepest bass, more space, more relaxed sound, great ambience retrieval.
I'm amazed that you would not have researched this before buying...there are no upgrades available for the 5.1 from Wilson other than perhaps Grilles. Wilson's web site clearly points out the upgrade path....(http://www.wilsonaudio.com/products/upgrades/index.html). That said...The 5.1's and all of the predecessors are tremendous. They represent the pinnacle of reasonably sized speakers for the 1997 era. They have superb imaging capablilty, they can play very loud, and very clear, they are comfortable in a reasonable sized room, the tweeter floats in the air, the midrange is lush and real, the bass is tight and super fast, the fit and finish is world renoun..these speakers will respond and improve to any electronics that you can afford to buy..what in the world would possess you to want to look at making an upgrade?

What don't you like about these speakers?

See the review of the Watt/Puppy 6 by Marc Mickelson in
the Dec 2000 Home Audio Equipment Review:


The cabinets of the Series 6 are somewhat larger than that
of the 5.1 and lower series. Since cabinet volume is an
integral part of driver / system design - you can't really
upgrade to the Series 6 drivers without upgrading the
cabinet too - in essence replacing the whole speaker.

So the Series 5.1 is a dead-end; there is no upgrade path
to the Series 6.

Dr. Gregory Greenman