watt puppy 5 base woofer surround replacement


I have a pair of watt puppy 5 speakers that I enjoy very much.

The base woofer original foam surround deteriorated over time. I had the surround replaced by a local speaker repair shop.

After this, I noticed that there has been a significant decrease in bass sound quality. I am very disappointed.

Any one have a recommendation on how I can remedy this?

Would it be best to get the surround foam replaced again?  If so, can someone recommend a respected vendor (I am in Canada).  Or should I replace the base woofer with a new one?  Is it best to go with Wilson produced woofers or other brands?  I think I read that Wilson doesn't sell woofers to the public (but I emailed to ask anyway, awaiting a reply).

Thank you for reading

Ricky, send me PM, I might be able to get you in touch with someone.
I had mine done, and they are perfect - just as good a brand new.
If you need another option: http://www.vanlspeakerworks.com/index.html

John Used to own "Chicago Speakerworks" across from my high-school (1970s). So he's been selling and repairing speakers awhile.
Too bad he didn't mention where he's from in Canada. I've gone through his situation of refoaming Wilson speakers, and speaking with Wilson Tech support. The guy who did mine (Puppy's and Surround Sounds on two different occasions), does this for a living and has a big following in Canada as one of the best. He really does amazing work, at very reasonable prices.