Watt/puppy with Quicksilver M-135 amps

i just traded and got Watt/puppy 3/2 (updated/upgraded by local wilson dealer with newer drivers, diff pads, internals, resitors, etc)-
using with old spectral DMA50 mono amps- (crosby mod)
Have chance to buy Quicksilver M-135 amps for decent price here locally (honolulu) and wonder if anyone can comment on Quicksilver M135 with W/P. I've contacted Mike Sanders who suggested these would be better match with wilsons than his V4 but stopped short of saying they mate well. Any advice-?
I've listened and like the increased impact & bass sound but i'm not very knowledgeable and want to be sure these tube amps do mate well before buying. Thanks
In your situation, even if it doesn't work out with speakers I'd still keep amp or even match different speakers to this amp.
thanks for advice folks, i bought the amps and have been enjoying them on trial for last week-
fact that these were local here in islands, sold by sound engr who builds amps & will service them if needed, is big plus.
Now to look for used tube replacement for my spectral DMC-10 phono preamp. Thanks for the help.
M135 will rarely need service. It's a fortress and even if a tube blows, all you need to do is just replace it. Moreover tubes don't have to be matched although preferred.