Watts and power

Can somebody break it down in layman's terms for me? Why is it that sometimes an amp that has a high watt rating (like, say, a lot of class D amps do) don't seem to always have the balls that much lower rated A or AB amps do? I have heard some people say, "It's not the watts, it's the power supply." Are they talking about big honkin' toroidal transformers? I know opinions vary on a speaker like, say, Magnepans - Maggies love power, right? A lot of people caution against using class D amps to drive them and then will turn around and say that a receiver like the Outlaw RR2160 (rated at 110 watts into 8 ohms) drives Maggies really well! I'm not really asking about differences between Class D, A, or AB so much as I am asking about how can you tell the POWER an amp has from the specs? 
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I have a pair of Ralphs Atma-Sphere amps.

The last thing the signal (music) sees are two large 27,000uF storage supply caps. One for each phase of the sinusoidal waveform.

As my amps where getting older, I replaced the stock output caps with Mundorf high current ones.

The high current aspect controls my Acoustic Elegance 15 inch woofers like nothing I've ever heard.

Ralph, is it possible some amps have too low an omph factor?. 

I remember years ago, some amps had 60,000 + uF of storage?

I always looked at wattage between Classes of Amps like horsepower.
Some cars have high horse power with very low torque.
some have lower horsepower with Higher torque.
Torque is WATT moves The car.

I don’t care about all the mumbo jumbo on how things are calculated just like I don’t care about how cubic inches relates to horsepower. IME, quality SS amps that doubles its power from 8 ohms down to 2 have been better sounding amps to me. Tube amps sound like they produce more power than its ratings vs SS amps but the tube amps I’ve had or I’ve listened to can’t control the bass drivers compared to SS amps.
Nobody here has mentioned anything about how McIntosh amps state there ratings. Most of their higher end models produce the same watts at each ohm. They have autoformers/power guard systems that others don’t, good or bad.
I have tested this watt vs current scenario using my old Totem Mani II’s that are very difficult to drive. This was 15 years ago, I had a 200 watt Classe 200 amp that doubles down for each ohm. In my home theater room, I had an audio receiver with a 200 watt rating but didn’t double down or even close. The audio receiver made the Totems sound thin and lifeless. I Took my Totems to my friends audio room that we hooked them up to a pair of Mcintosh 1000 watt monoblocks and they sounded fantastic at very high spl levels. I think the mani’s state wattage up to 150 watts and we were well over 240 watts according to the meters on the amps.
I’ve tried many times trying to get buy with integrated amps claiming they have good wattage with high damping claims, but always end up with a separate amp that has the same wattage as the integrated but has much more power that controls the speakers much better than the integrated
Ralph, is it possible some amps have too low an omph factor?.
:) Yes, I'm sure that's true.