Watts! How many do we need?

Got a new amp. Accuphase P-4600. It’s great. I love it. 
150 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms and it has meters so I can see wattage. Have them set on freeze so I can see the highest wattage during the session.

My Harbeth speakers are not very efficient. Around 86db. Their impedance is an even 6 ohms dipping no lower than 5.8 ohms. 

Playing HiRes dynamic classical recordings  ( Tchaikovsky , Mahler) at room filling volumes I have yet to exceed 1watt.. 

Amps today offer a lot of watts some going to 600 even 1200 watts. Even if you have inefficient speakers with an impedance that dips down to 2 ohms do we need all this wattage or should we be focusing on current instead? 


@bigtwin -- I appreciate your points, but high wattage alone doesn't tell you anything about how an amp behaves when presented with a low impedance load of 4 ohms or under.  And wattage also says nothing about the other elements of sound quality. 

Especially since I don't listen at high levels (85 dB tops) I happen to enjoy my 20 w/ch (8 ohms) Aegir more than the 150 w/ch VTV amp I had immediately prior.

To use a car analogy, it is like focusing only on horsepower while ignoring torque, gearing, suspension, handling, braking and so on. (Of course, the same as with audio buffs, there are some car enthusiasts that will focus only on one trait.)

@bigtwin  , is an unltralinear watt identical to a triode watt?  That's a serious question, I am not intending to be sarcastic.

Beyond my paygrade.  We should all buy and listen to what we like.  There is no one right answer when it comes to amp power.  As pointed out in several comments, which I agree with, there are many factors that determine the proper combination of equipment.  I can only say that with my speakers, a low powered amp is not that correct equipment.  Cheers.

@immatthewj   I think that Sanders covered this question fully in his paper? 

@bigtwin  , I am honestly not familiar with Sanders or the paper you referenced, but is it accessible on this site?  What would I need to use (besides "Sanders") as a search engine to find it?