Waxing nostalgic about those speakers that got away...

I've been looking all around - thought about SF Strads or Elispsa SE's, or go really out there and go back to the Quads....

I'm retiring soon and looking for that "final" (ha!) speaker and system to settle into.

I've been in the hi-end for 40 years and have some great memories, and then I asked: what speaker do your really miss?

For me, it's the ESP Concert Grand. I was a TAS reviewer back then for a short stint and had to sell them when I changed careers and moved to a smaller place.

But I had some great times with that speaker (50W SET amps, NOS tubes everywhere, Omega Mikro spkr cables with those battery boxes...crazy!), and I think it just might be that simple.

So, I'm going to set out and try and find a pair, if they all aren't hacked up or dusty in storage already.

It's like an old girlfriend...eh?

Anyone feel the same about a speaker way back there? Can you ever go home?



So, I gotta repeat the same questions again…

what’s your budget and what sound characteristics are most important to you in speaker performance

By the way, this was a joke Sorry you didn’t apparently get it when I said please don’t write these words ever again…

So, I’m going to set out and try and find a pair

If you wanna try and finally answer my previous questions about budget and speaker sound characteristics I have some ideas that might be of interest. If not, I got nuthin’ and best of luck.


FYI: Just bought back the ESP Concert Grands I owned 30 years ago, from the same person who bought them from me...perfect, like they never left.

Now just need to find a pair of Cary 805C's....